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vol. 16, nr. 1 (2010)

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Evaluation of agriculture in Barlinecko-Gorzowski Landscape Park
Stanisław Dzienia, Stanisław Pużyński , Eleonora Wrzesińska
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Department of Agronomy, West Pomeranian University of Technology ul. Juliusza Słowackiego 17, 71-434 Szczecin

vol. 16 (2010), nr. 1, pp. 25-33
abstract: The Barlinecko-Gorzowski Landscape Park has an area of 23 982.9 ha, and its buffer zone 31 768.2 ha. The area of the Park is situated in five communes which belong to two provinces: Zachodniopomorskie (communes Barlinek, Nowogródek Pomorski and Pełczyce) and Lubuskie (communes Kłodawa and Strzelce Krajeńskie). In the communes, conditions for agricultural produc-tion are favourable in three, and medium favourable in the remaining two. Relatively high afforestation in a majority of the communes (38.0-65.0%) and small density of population (22-76 persons per 1 km2) favour the development of tourism and agrotourism. In the structure of farms, farms with an area of less than 15 ha of agricultural land constitute from 7.1 to 33.6%, but they hold from 65.0 to 93.9% of agricultural lands. A disadvantageous phenomenon in plant production is a big share of cereals in the sowing structure, and small number of livestock units per 100 ha of agricultural land. Lack of animals does not provide for the minimum manure fertilisation of agricultural lands.
keywords: Barlinecko-Gorzowski Landscape Park, farm size structure, land use structure, number of livestock units, soil conditions, sowings structure
original in: Polish