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vol. 16, nr. 1 (2010)

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Influence of dough making parameters on physical properties of wheat bread
Renata Różyło
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Department of Machine Operation in Food Industry, University of Life Sciences ul. Doświadczalna 44, 20-280 Lublin

vol. 16 (2010), nr. 1, pp. 149-161
abstract: The objective of this study was to evaluate the changes of physical properties of bread baked using dough mixed and (proofed) fermented for various periods of time. The white bread wheat flour type 750 was used in this study. The dough was mixed for 2, 5, and 8 min. and fermented for 110 and 140 min. The breads were baked using straight dough method. Quality of the resulting bread was evaluated with respect to the loaf volume and the specific weight of bread, the porosity index and the whiteness of breadcrumb, and the texture properties of breadcrumb. Results show that the dough making parameters had a significant effect on a majority of the properties of bread. Additionally, after shortening the mixing time to 2 minutes, lengthening of dough fermentation time permitted to avoid smaller volume of bread. However, to get required breadcrumb texture the lengthening of the mixing time to 8 minutes need not extend the time of dough fermentation.
keywords: bread, physical properties, dough, mixing, fermentation, proofing
original in: Polish