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vol. 16, nr. 1 (2010)

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How to mollify the ill posedness of the problem of Maxwell model identification of viscoelastic plant materials
Anna Stankiewicz
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Department of Technical Science, University of Life Sciences ul. Doświadczalna 50A, 20-280 Lublin

vol. 16 (2010), nr. 1, pp. 207-215
abstract: The paper deals with the problem of Maxwell model determination from discrete-time noise corrupted measurements of relaxation modulus obtained in stress relaxation test. This problem is known to be ill-posed. In this paper the Maxwell model is determined using nonlinear least squares method and Tikhonov regularization technique. The validity of the approach is demonstrated using simulated data. The effectiveness of the method is also demonstrated through the computation of the four-parameter Maxwell model of a sugar beet root sample in the state of uniaxial strain.
keywords: viscoelasticity, Maxwell model, ill-posed problem, regularization
original in: Polish