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vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008)

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1. Sławomir Bakier:
Application of NIR spectroscopy for the analysis of water-carbohydrate interactions in water solutions
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 7-21
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2. Irena Brzozowska :
Macroelement content in winter wheat grain as affected by cultivation and nitrogen application methods
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 23-32
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3. Irena Brzozowska, Jan Brzozowski, Maria Hruszka, Bartosz Witkowski :
Effect of herbicides and herbicide combinations and of the method of nitrogen application on winter wheat yielding and yield structure
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 33-44
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4. Marek Chabior, Małgorzata Czarnecka:
The effect of atmospheric circulation on the occurrence of thaws in Pomerania
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 45-55
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5. Justyna Cybulska, Artur Zdunek, Roman Konskyy, Krystyna Konstankiewicz:
Image analysis of apple tissue cells after mechanical deformation
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 57-69
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6. Adam Figiel, Agnieszka Kita:
Drying kinetics, water activity, shrinkage and texture of walnut kernels
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 71-80
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7. Klaudiusz Jałoszyński, Adam Figiel, Aneta Wojdyło:
Drying kinetics and antioxidant activity of oregano
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 81-90
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8. Agnieszka Kita, Adam Figiel:
Effect of post-drying method on selected properties of potato chips
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 91-100
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9. Jan Křen , Soňa Valtýniová:
Czech agriculture in the period of transformation
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 101-116
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10. Halina Makała, Stanisław Tyszkiewicz, Maria Wawrzyniewicz:
Characteristics of sensory quality and profile of popular market semi-coarse ground sausages
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 117-130
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11. Antoni Murkowski, Elżbieta Skórska:
Comparison of phytotoxicity of lead and tin organic compounds by means of luminescence methods
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 131-140
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12. Ireneusz Ochmian, Józef Grajkowski::
Influence of storage on mass loss and firmness changes of two strawberry cultivars
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 141-145
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13. Aneta Ocieczek:
Evaluation of the usability of sorption isotherms for specification of weight growth factor in noodle products
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 147-157
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14. Michał Olkiewicz, Piotr Moch:
Effect of raw material formulation on basic composition and rheological properties of a model product of mortadella type
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 159-173
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15. Tomasz Pukszta, Piotr Palich:
Storage of frozen green pea and possibilities of its durability prognosis
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 175-182
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16. Millena Ruszkowska , Aneta Ocieczek, Piotr Palich:
Sorption features of corn and rice crisps
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 183-193
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17. Artur Serafin:
Morphometric and performance changes in catchment of mesotrophic lake Piaseczno in 1839-1977 on a base of historical and current topographic cartographic materials
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 195-201
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18. Magdalena Skotnicka, Piotr Palich:
Water in staling process and methods of measure in frozen yeast cakes
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 203-212
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19. Katarzyna Skupień, Ireneusz Ochmian, Józef Grajkowski:
Influence of mineral fertilization on selected physical features and chemical compo-sition of aronia fruit
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 213-226
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20. Vladimír Smutný, Lubomír Neudert, Tamara Dryšlová:
Different crop management practices for winter wheat production
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 227-238
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21. Bogdan Stępień:
Rehydration of carrot dried using various methods
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 239-251
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22. Zofia Stępniewska, Agnieszka Wolińska, Anna Szafranek, Renata Lipińska:
Greenhouse gas dynamics in soils contaminated with fonofos pesticide
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 253-262
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23. Stanisław Tyszkiewicz, Maria Wawrzyniewicz, Jerzy Strzelecki, Andrzej Borys:
Studies on hydration of muscle and connective tissue proteins of pork meat
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 263-270
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24. Soňa Valtýniová, Jan Křen:
Analysis of organic and conventional farming system – a case study
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 271-278
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25. Michal Vondra, Vladimír Smutný:
Assessment of efficacy of different herbicide doses on the fat hen (Chenopodium album) using chlorophyll fluorescence
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 279-289
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26. Jan Winkler:
Effect of soil tillage systems and straw management on weeds in cereal stands
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 291-301
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27. Artur Zdunek, Ludmyla Frankevych, Krystyna Konstankiewicz, Zbigniew Ranachowski:
Comparison of puncture test, acoustic emission and spatial-temporal speckle correla-tion technique as methods for apple quality evaluation
vol. 11, nr. 1 (2008), pp. 303-315
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