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vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003)

1. Andrzej Anders:
Some selected physical properties of rapeseeds var. Sponsor
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 461-468
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2. Andrzej Bieganowski:
Solution salinity estimation on the basis of the current-voltage curve analysis
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 469-474
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3. Andrzej Bieganowski:
Accuracy of the three-electrode system for the oxygen flux density measurement in mineral soils
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 475-487
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4. Marzena Błażewicz-Woźniak:
Shape changes in of parsley roots under the influence of no-tillage and cover crops mulches
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 489-497
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5. Jerzy Bohdziewicz:
Effects of morphological diversification on the variability of rheological parameters of the vegetable flesh model
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 499-508
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6. Monika Bojanowska, Izabella Jackowska:
Effect of Platinum (IV) ions on Fe(II) ions in the loess soil
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 509-517
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7. Jarosław Frączek, Marek Wróbel:
Method for the defining of a contact surface between seeds
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 519-529
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8. Marek Geodecki, Stanisław Grundas:
Characterization of geometrical features of single winter and spring wheat kernels
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 531-538
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9. Józef Grochowicz, Dariusz Andrejko, Jacek Mazur:
Determination of some fundamental physical and chemical properties of lupine seeds of polish varieties
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 539-548
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10. Ewa Jakubczyk, Piotr Paweł Lewicki:
Mechanical properties of an apple in relation to tissue structure
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 549-557
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11. Agnieszka Katańska, Wojciech Rybiński, Zbigniew Broda:
Influence of helium-neon laser on androgenesis in some chosen varieties of winter triticale
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 559-566
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12. Dorota Konopacka, Witold Płocharski:
Dietetic fruit and vegetable chips - an attractive form of ready-to-eat dried snacks
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 567-577
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13. Krystyna Konstankiewicz, Marek Garncarz, Andrzej Król, Kamil Pawlak:
Determination of the minimum cells number required for the analysis of tissue geometrical parameters of potato tubers
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 579-587
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14. Janusz Laskowski, Renata Różyło:
Influence of gluten content and wheat glassiness on the wheat grain grinding energy
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 589-596
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15. Katarzyna Majewska, Justyna Kopytowska, Romuald E. Łojko, Ryszard Zadernowski:
Chosen physical features of matured fruits of walnut
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 597-609
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16. Dorota Matyka-Sarzyńska:
Electrochemical properties of moorshes as determined by the otentiometric titration data
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 611-618
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17. Anna Ptaszek, Mirosław Grzesik:
Mathematical modelling of thixotropic phenomena in water solutions of potato starch
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 619-626
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18. Anna Stankiewicz, Krzysztof Gołacki:
Computational scheme for the identification of the relaxation spectrum of viscoelastic plant materials
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 627-638
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19. Hanna Szajsner:
Comparision of the spring and winter wheat forms reaction to the pre- sowing laser biostimulation
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 639-643
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20. Grzegorz Szwed, Józef Łukaszuk:
Resistance of bulk rapeseed to airflow
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 645-650
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21. Bogusław Usowicz:
Comparison of soil thermal conductivity obtained by two models and measured by a thermo-time domain reflectometry probe
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 651-661
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22. Ryszard Walczak, Wojciech Mazurek, Piotr Baranowski:
Thermography in agrophysics
vol. 2, nr. 3 (2003), pp. 663-675
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