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vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006)

1. Irena Babik:
Effect of soil type and irrigation on yield and mineral composition of broccoli
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 793-808
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2. Józef Babik:
The organic substrates in greenhouse cucumber production as an alternative to the rockwool
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 809-820
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3. Anna Bieniek, Zofia Benedycka, Sławomir Krzebietke:
Effect of different n, p, k, s fertilization on contents of macroelements in cranberry fruits
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 821-827
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4. Anita Biesiada, Alicja Kucharska, Anna Sokół-Łętowska:
The effect of the form and rate of nitrogen on yielding and chemical composition of coneflower (echinacea purpurea moench.) in first and second year after transplanting
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 829-838
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5. Marzena Błażewicz-Woźniak, Tadeusz Kęsik, Mirosław Konopiński :
Influence of conservation tillage on weed infestation of onion
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 839-849
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6. Maciej Bosiacki, Wojciech Tyksiński:
Differentiated cadmium and lead content in greenhouse tomato fruits grown on horticultural substrates
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 851-858
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7. Włodzimierz Breś:
Influence of hydrogel alcosorb as 400 on nutritional status of lawn grasses
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 859-866
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8. Iwona Domagała-Świątkiewicz:
Effect of foliar calcium nitrate spray on the mineral nutrient content in leaves and fruit of ‘Elise’ apples
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 867-877
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9. Katarzyna Dzida, Zbigniew Jarosz:
Influence of nitrogen-potassium fertilization on the yield and on the nutrients content in Satureja hortensis L.
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 879-884
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10. Romualda Jabłońska-Ceglarek, Jolanta Franczuk, Robert Rosa, Anna Zaniewicz-Bajkowska, Edyta Kosterna:
Effect of the ways of mulching and the kind of mulch on the yielding of headed cabbage ‘Masada F1’
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 885-894
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11. Jerzy Jamroz, Artur Mazurek, Małgorzata Kaźmierczuk, Krzysztof Kargul:
Anti-oxidation activity of extracts from aromatic hop cultivars
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 895-899
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12. Zbigniew Jarosz, Joanna Konopińska:
Yielding and chemical composition of leaves of strawberry plants depending on type of substrate and nitrogen fertilization
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 901-908
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13. Dorota Kalembasa:
The amount and chemical composition of ash obtained from biomass of energy crops
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 909-914
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14. Tadeusz Kęsik, Mirosław Konopiński, Marzena Błażewicz-Woźniak:
Effect of pre-winter soil tillage and cover crop mulches on water retention, compaction and differential porosity of soil after winter time
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 915-926
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15. Tomasz Kleiber, Andrzej Komosa :
Dynamics of macroelements contents in anthurium grown in expanded clay
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 927-935
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16. Andrzej Komosa, Jerzy Roszyk:
The reasons and prevention of the rogalin oaks dying
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 937-946
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17. Ryszard Konieczny, Lech Pieczyński:
Reclamation possibility of zachodniopomorskie region lakes using pulverizing aeration technology
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 947-957
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18. Waldemar Kowalczyk, Jacek Dyśko:
Nitrogen status of greenhouse tomato plants grown in rye straw slabs
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 959-967
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19. Sławomir Krzebietke, Zofia Benedycka:
The influence of urea phosphate on the physicochemical properties of peat substrate under laboratory conditions
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 969-976
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20. Renata Matuszak, Aleksander Brzóstowicz:
Evaluation of nacl influence on growth of two barley cultivars
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 977-982
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21. Zenia Michałojć, Agnieszka Wołodko, Lidia Nowak:
The effect of potassium fertilzation on growth, inflorescence, decorative value end chemical composition of celosia (celosia argantea var. cristata L.)
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 983-990
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22. Jerzy Roszyk, Olgierd Nowosielski, Włodzimierz Breś:
Tolerance of tomato and cauliflower leaves for selected adjuvants
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 991-1001
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23. Agnieszka Stępowska, Jacek S. Nowak:
Straw substrates for lettuce cultivation
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 1003-1014
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24. Alicja Szatanik-Kloc:
Surface properties of roots of selected mono and dicotyledonous plants, determined with water vapour and nitrogen adsorption-desorption methods
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 1015-1026
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25. Marzena Wińska-Krysiak, Ewa Mirzwa-Mróz, Barbara Łata:
Effect of foliar fertilization on phytopthora infestans (mont.) de bary infection and selected parameters of water management in lycopersicum esculentum mill.
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 1027-1034
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26. Andrzej I. Wyczółkowski, Małgorzata Dąbek-Szreniawska, Andrzej Bieganowski, Agnieszka Zimon:
Organic nitrogen mineralization enzyme activity in soils under different plants
vol. 7, nr. 4 (2006), pp. 1035-1041
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